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28 March 2022

It is nice to see that 2022 is gaining some real momentum. The opening of Comrades entries seems to have added a little more fuel to the running fire and the #OldiesGees is as powerful as ever.

It was a good week at DHS Old Boys with some good events, great results and happy encounters with some of our new members.

WEDNESDAY club runs are in full swing and we encourage you to make as many of these as you can. It is a fantastic way to meet fellow members as well as slot into groups with other people that suit your pace. Distances are set but are really only a guideline. You are welcome to cut short or go longer. Either way, the beer will be cold when you return to the club.

THURSDAY saw the 3rd event in the InSinkErator Mixed Time Trial League. The large Oldies attendance was notable and much appreciated. Our performance on the night helped us to secure 1st place in the league in 6 of the 8 categories. However, we cannot rest on our laurels and need to keep showing the other clubs how it is done. The April event will be in Kloof (at Kloof Country Club) and once again a bus will be provided. The venue is one that is conducive to families and post-run dinner so why not pencil it in for an evening out?

The SATURDAY runs are well attended and ensure some great mileage and team-bonding. If you haven’t gotten to a Saturday run yet, pencil it in soon. In particular, try to make it to the OLDIES ONE OCEAN RUN on the Easter weekend. This was a traditional Oldies event that we are getting going again. On 16 April we will start and finish at The Riverside Spur where I am sure a good breakfast and a surprise beer await.

The SUNDAY race calendar is once again jam-packed and to date Oldies has been topping the table on attendance figures. It is amazing to have so much Blue and Gold out on the road and even more amazing to witness the success of our runners and they all improve on their respective times. We must congratulate Vernon “Ballie” Anley for his 1st place category finish at The Stella Royal on Sunday and Lisa “Catch Me If You Can” Collet for her 1st place overall finish. Well done!