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DHS Oldies Ladies

Happy New Year and Welcome to all our DHS Oldies Ladies. So far, this year, I’ve only been asked “why not DHS Old Girls?” once… but there has only been one race of the season thus far so I’m sure there’ll be more of that

We are delighted at the number of new members who have joined Oldies this year, many of you being Ladies. Seeing new faces at clubs runs is always a pleasure and we hope that you have been warmly welcomed and are as excited about being a part of the Blue and Gold as we are to have you… even if you’re not Blonde

The gees amongst the ladies seems to be more alive than ever and I hope we can sustain this throughout the year. We look forward to the many (new) fun-filled events that are on the cards, on and off the road, and we hope that you will all be able to take part in as many of these as possible, in some way or another. The first of which being Time Trial League which kicks off on the 23rd January. Remember, Time Trial is not about being “fast”, its about showing up and having fun. All we count on is your attendance, nothing else.

Happy running and all the best for the year ahead. May you all reach your goals and have an absolute blast in doing so.


If anyone has any comments, questions or suggestions; please get in touch with ladies’ captain, Sammy Westbrook.