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17 February 2019

“In order to run better and constantly improve one’s times, one needs to regularly run a standard Time Trial in a competitive environment” ~ Abraham Lincoln

True? It’s partly true, actually. Well, mostly. Abraham Lincoln didn’t actually quote that but if he’d been a part of the inaugural New York marathon back in 1970 I’m pretty sure he’d have opened his speech with those words. Instead, Richy Nixon was overseeing the land of the brave back then and was far too busy focussing on his inherited war with the Vietnamese.

Irrelevant? Somewhat, I suppose. But I guess I am saying that I understand that sometimes there are more important things than the Time Trial league. But everything is relevant and at the end of the day, one just needs to decide how important their running is to them. If you want to improve your running and your overall race times as you strive for that PB, then had Abe Lincoln said that, he’d have been completely right and probably more famous for it than his bit that went something along the lines of, “Whatever you are, be a good one.” However, if running is important to you then I guess it’s pretty much the same thing.

If you don’t already know, the Time Trial league, sponsored by InSinkErator, is a small domestic Time Trial series that is co-hosted by ten domestic clubs in the greater Durban area. Each club takes a turn to host the event during the year and trophies are competed for in a number of different categories that are not dissimilar to those we have come to know at regular races.

There has been a common misconception that one needs to be fast in order to compete and make an impact on their club’s results. This, however, is only partly the case. Whilst faster times mean better results, the format of the competition is structured such that numbers enhance the club standings. A case in point…

Our DHS Oldies Men’s Masters ‘A’ team currently sits at tenth on the log after the first league meeting. Were they slow? No, definitely not. Runner 1 averaged 4:18/km and runner 2 averaged 4:33/km. But the team required four runners, and in the absence of another two, they were ‘given’ two runners who’s times are calculated based on the very last runner home in their category. In this case, 58:39. That’s an average pace of 7:20/km. Had we had two more runners there I have no doubt that we’d be sitting in the top three.

The same applies across all categories and after the first league meeting Oldies were conspicuous by both their absence and their dismal placings in the standings. So, as we head towards the second league meeting this Tuesday, hosted by Westville A.C, I urge you to please come and do your bit for the club. History shows that Oldies can be a dominant force in the league. We have the runners, we have the numbers and we sure as hell have the gees.

If nothing else, I can personally assure you that the league is a lot of fun, jam-packed with banter, laughs and beer. But don’t take my word for it. Slip into your Oldies kit and bring the #BlueAndGold gees to Westville this week and see for yourself.

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I hope to see you all tomorrow Evening