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DHS Oldies Ladies

Welcome to all our beautiful ladies for 2019. DHS Oldies is so happy to have you and we look forward to another exciting year on and off the road.

2019 is jam packed as usual and we are hoping that the Oldies ladies’ team will dominate. Commitment in 2018 was sadly lacking and this has an unfortunate effect on the team as a whole. Our potential is ‘next level’ and if you look back pre-2018 this is evident.

Did you know that in 2016 the ladies’ team did not drop a single point in the Mixed Time Trial league? 225 points out of an available 225 points. The B team that year managed to beat 23 other A teams. In 2016 the DHS Oldies ladies finished FIFTH overall at Comrades. That is fifth out of every team from 20,000 people. Each one of these ladies were full-time career women and moms. Part time runners… In 2014 the DHS Oldies ladies senior team finished FIRST overall at The Two Oceans 56km Ultra and brought home a gold medal.

Let’s do what we can to put the Oldies ladies back on the map. Every effort counts and in most cases it is all about attendance and not about speed – especially in the case of Time Trial League. We know that Time Trial League cuts into free time and time with your kids and we truly respect that. However, it is only once a month - and not even every month. The dates are already set so it’s easy to plan ahead. More than anything the event is fun and a great opportunity to meet one another. We look forward to seeing you all there and perhaps lifting that trophy once again…

Remember to diarise the races that are especially for the girls. 23 June 2019 is the Durban Spar Women’s challenge and on 9 August is the Totalsports Women’s Race. We’d love to make these fun team events for the Oldies ladies.

If anyone has any comments, questions or suggestions; please get in touch with ladies’ captain, Sammy Westbrook.